Tumhari Sulu (2017)

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Tumhari Sulu (2017)
Tumhari Sulu (2017)

Sulochana Dubey, nicknamed Sulu, is a middle-class housewife staying in Virar with her family. Sulu enjoys her life to the fullest with her husband and 11-year-old son. She dreams of being a working woman, but since she couldn’t complete her high school she cannot think of any white collar jobs. Her two elder twin sisters are always critical of her educational credentials and mock her failed business ideas.

Sulu is fond of participating and winning any contest around her, be it a singing competition or an athletic event or a lemon and spoon race.

Her husband, Ashok works as a manager in a tailoring firm, which is quite a frustrating job since everyone apart from him is over the age of sixty, including the owners. Most of them are either unresponsive or unreasonable. On top of it, the firm now is taken over by the grandson of the owner, who is very rude and treats him with disdain. Ashok bears all this for his family. Her son is constantly teased by a set of students, who sell magazines, CDs, etc., in school, which is strictly prohibited.

Starring: Vidya Balan, Neha Dhupia, Manav Kaul

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