407 Dark Flight (2012)

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407 Dark Flight (2012)
407 Dark Flight (2012)

Dark Flight (Thai: 407 เที่ยวบินผี) is a 2012 Thai horror film. The film was directed by Issara Nadee. It shows the journey of a passenger plane haunted by ghosts that gradually trick the passengers into going insane and killing each other.

Ten years ago, a flight SA-407 had supernatural occurrences leading to the death of all passengers leaving one flight attendant, New, unharmed by closing her eyes until the plane will land.

At present time, the plane SA-407 had been repainted and made anew. A family, including Gift, Phen and Jamras, A tourist Ann, her admirer Wave, a couple John and Michelle, a flight attendant Prince, and an engineer of flight, Bank, a monk, an old woman and a pervert American and two other lady attendants and a pilot with the captain board the plane.

Cast: Marsha Vadhanapanich, Peter Knight, Patcharee Tubthong, Thiti Vechabul, Namo Tongkumnerd,

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