13B: Fear Has a New Address

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In today’s world, the major source of relief, information and entertainment is the TV. So much so, that it has moved up from its modest position of being just another ‘household appliance’ to actually determining the power equation in a family. It is easy to identify the hierarchy in the family depending on who controls the remote control. So what happens when the TV realizes this power and begins to take control? What happens when instead of showing you the facts, the TV, begins to show you what it wants you to see? What happens when Manohar, to his great horror, realizes that this is exactly what is happening with his wonderful family, who has just moved into their sweet new home at 13B. Written by Anonymous

Manohar was enjoying his life after moving into new apartment. But little did he know that the apartment 13B has most frightening secrets to share…, and they unfold in the strangest way, a new television soap serial. Will he be too late to save his family from what the television is foretelling? Written by abdulwadhood

Manohar and his family, including his pretty wife, Priya; widowed mom, Sushma; sister, Kavita; brother Manoj, his wife and two children, all move into Flat 13B on the 13th floor of Chhabra Villa in Kailash Nagar. The women in the family are obsessed with Eye TV’s soap ‘Sab Khairiyat’ and never miss a show. Manohar does not approve, but soon, too, becomes obsessed when he finds out that the soap not only mirrors their very own lives but the entire family is in danger from an unknown assailant who is determined to kill them mercilessly.

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