De De Pyaar De (2019)

Ashish Mehra is a 50 year-old non-resident Indian businessman settled in London. He meets Ayesha Khurana, a 26 year-old who performs as stripper at his friend’s bachelorette. Soon, they start dating and begin a serious relationship, living together. Ashish’s friend and psychologist Sameer Khanna is sceptical about Ayesha, but is convinced by the former. Ashish informs her that he is a divorcee; his ex-wife Manju Rao and his children live in India. Their relationship suffers a setback when Ashish reveals that he is too old to have children, but they reconcile, with Ashish deciding to introduce Ayesha to his family.

Ashish takes Ayesha to his parents’ residence in Manali to gain their approval for marriage. There, he sees that his family, comprising his ex-wife Manju, daughter Ishita, and son Ishaan, now live with his father Veerendra and mother Suman. Ishita is irritated by his arrival as she believes that he will ruin her family’s meeting with Atul, her to-be-father-in-law. A startled Ashish introduces Ayesha as his secretary, much to the latter’s chagrin. Ishita had told Atul and Rishi, his to-be-husband that her father had died in her childhood. The problem is settled when the confusion is covered with lies. Ashish claims to be Ishita’s maternal uncle and meets her to-be-in-laws.

Ayesha and Manju fail to get along well. Ishita is angered when she sees Ashish and Ayesha hugging each other. She shouts at him and tells Atul and Rishi that he is her father. Ashish also tells his family that he had brought Ayesha to gain their approval. Ishita’s marriage is called off and Ashish is blamed for it. Manju defends him by saying that the marriage had broken down because of Ishita’s lies. That night Ashish and Manju sleep together after Manju breaks down and Ashish goes to console her. The next morning when this is revealed to Ayesha, she feels cheated upon also being told that they still haven’t been divorced. Ayesha leaves back for London. Meanwhile, Ashish convinces Atul for the marriage and he agrees.

Manju travels to London and convinces Ayesha and also tells her that the divorce papers are ready. Ayesha returns and reconciles with Ashish. In a mid-credits scene, Ayesha and Ashish argue on whether they should meet Ayesha’s family.

Starring: Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Rakul Preet Singh,

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