Ghost (2019)

The film starts with girl named Barkha Khanna,supposedly killed by a vengeful ghost in her room which is later noticed by her husband, Karan Khanna, a political figure from Britain. London police subsequently arrest him accusing him of killing her wife. Meanwhile Simran , a lawyer having own stress related issues and use morphine and is going through an emotional time as her boyfriend,a judge has broke up with her. Simran after the reluctance of karan’s campaign manager Bob agreed to take the case. After getting him out on bail, she learns that Karan and Barkha were not a happy couple and infact one day Karan saw someone sending a locket to Barkha. Karan suspected his wife is having an affair and himself started an affair. However his wife was killed on Valentine’s night and it was found that Karan went twice and it is him who actually may have killed his wife. Meanwhile Bob noticed something and went to a mental institute in Leeds and called Karan telling him that he knows who is doing all these but himself is killed by that ghost who had previously killed Barkha. After more investigatios Shanaya found that Karan was with a girl in the Valentine’s night but that girl was missing in police report. After consulting to a demonologist it was revealed that that girl was possessed and Karan was also possessed and being under possession he actually killed Barkha and that’s why he didn’t remember that night very much. Further it was revealed that Barkha was in a relationship with a girl but after instead married Karan for fame and money. When that girl blackmailed Barkha to tell the truth or bare the consequences,she was taken to the mental institute . There she met Shanaya’s father,a doctor. That girl committed suicide so that she can take revenge on those three after becoming ghost. She gave a locket previously to Shanaya’s father and told him to deliver it to Barkha after her death. It was also revealed that the locket had all the power. Later that missing girl was found dead and her blame fell upon Karan. Shanaya with the help of her ex-boyfriend executed an exorsism during which the ghost took control over Karan. Shanaya meantime broke the locket in nick of time and thus karan got saved and finally proving his innocence. Later Karan gave a party in his house after winning election and an inmate of that girl gave him a box which unknown to Karan had that broken locket inside indicating that the curse was not over yet.

Starring: Sanaya Irani, Shivam Bhaargava