Goodbye (2022)

The story centres on a dysfunctional household. Lawyer Tara Bhalla is staying with her partner Mudassar in Bengaluru. She leaves to party after winning her first case. Tara doesn’t respond to calls or messages from her mother Gayatri. She finds out from the Bar Waiter that Gayatri has died, when her father Harish calls the same day. Her mother had called her to ask her about her first case.

To be with Harish, she quickly travels to her birthplace of Chandigarh. She has three brothers, Karan, Harish’s eldest son, who lives in Los Angeles; Nakul, his second son; and an adoptive son named Angad, living in Dubai. Additionally, Karan and his American wife Daisy as well as Angad book the first flight to Chandigarh. Meanwhile, Nakul is unavailable due to him being on mountain climbing on Mount Everest and his phone is unreachable, his father leaves a message for him to see later. The first person there is Tara. She and Harish disagree about the cremation rites, and they argue about them.

Harish is also furious with Karan and Angad since he thinks they don’t seem affected by the death of their mother. Fights break out in the home because of Harish’s behaviour. However, none of them have a choice. For a few days, they must live together under one roof.

Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Rashmika Mandanna, Neena Gupta, Elli AvrRam,

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