Vikrant Rona (2022)

Film opens with some children reading story books. One of them goes on to read a story about a Brahmarakshas in a village called Kamarottu, who was known to kidnap and kill children, fearing whom children would not venture outside after it was dark. The story goes on to show a kid being kidnapped by an eerie figure in eerie circumstances.

The next day, we are introduced to the villagers. In the village of Kamarottu, which is situated in Karnataka, Janardhan Gambira is a short-tempered landlord who lives with his wife Santha “Shaku” and his brother Eknath. Janardhan’s friend’s son, Vishwanath Ballal, arrives at the village with his wife and two children, Aparna “Panna” and Mohanchandra “Munna”. Vishwanath tells Janardhan that Panna is engaged to one Rakesh and that he wants to arrange the marriage in their ancestral Kamarottu house, but Janardhan refuses, as the house is haunted by the brahmarakshasa. This is because his son, Sanjeev “Sanju”, is said to have stolen jewels from the village’s temple, 28 years ago. We are shown that Sanju, who had been gone from the village for 28 years, had sent a telegram to his ailing mother that he would come to see her soon. That same night, Sanju arrives at the village, from London. He meets Panna at Kamarottu house entrance, and they both accidentally find the beheaded corpse of a police officer named Suresh Krishna, in the house well.

Starring: Sudeepa, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, Jacqueline Fernandez,

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