U Turn (2023)

The movie begins with a man driving along the NTPC flyover in Chandigarh when he is asked to come back to a certain place by the caller on his phone. The man moves the stones meant to be used as dividers on the flyover, takes an illegal U-turn, and drives down the other side of the road, forgetting to put the stones back in their original positions. A car driving by the bridge, unable to see the stones placed right in the middle of the road, crashes because of them. The person in the car immediately dies. A year or two later, Radhika Bakshi, who has joined as an intern with a local newspaper, is working on the story about people not surviving the accidents caused by the stones. These stones are still being moved for the illegal U-turn, and neither the RTO nor the police are doing anything to make sure this is curbed. The mortality rates of such accidents are high, and as a reporter, Radhika needs answers from the authorities and the people who took this illegal turn. She gets in touch with a government official who took that illegal U-turn to learn more about his mindset. The man, though, was found dead by the police the next day. According to the initial reports, the man has committed suicide unless they find some other clues. Since Radhika was the last person to have met up with him as per the residence register, she was brought in for questioning. Radhika is asked about how she gets information about the people taking a U-turn. She lets the police know of the beggar on the bridge, who writes down the vehicle number, and gives it to Radhika, who gets the home address from an RTO officer. As the police investigate all the vehicle numbers that she has gathered, they come to know that all of them have committed suicide, and it cannot be a coincidence. The police team, headed by an officer named Arjun, is trying to find out how suicides in a spree could happen when only Radhika knew of the addresses. She never had any intention of harming anyone. She does claim to have a dislike for people who break the rules, but she never goes to the extent of killing anyone.

Starring: Alaya F, Priyanshu Painyuli, Aashim Gulati, Manu Rishi, Shreedhar Dubey, Apoorva Suman, Tariq Mir, Priyanka Arya,

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