Sniper 2 (2002)

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Sniper 2 (2002)
Sniper 2 (2002)

Sniper 2 is an American film shot in Hungary in November 2002 and released in early 2003. It stars Tom Berenger, Bokeem Woodbine, Erika Marozsán and Tamás Puskás, and was directed by Craig R. Baxley.

Sniper 2 tells the story of a Marine sniper and a spotter who are tasked with assassinating a Serbian general responsible for ethnic cleansing attacks. It is the sequel to the 1993 film Sniper and the second installment in the Sniper film series.

Cast: Tom Berenger, Bokeem Woodbine, Erika Marozsán, Dan Butler, Linden Ashby, Dennis Hayden,

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