Company Of Heroes (2013)

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Company Of Heroes (2013)
Company Of Heroes (2013)

With the Germans apparently near defeat in the latter part of World War II, a squad of American soldiers from the 2nd Infantry Division on a routine mission near Elsenborn in the Belgian Ardennes encounter a surprisingly strong German tank and infantry force. After a fierce firefight, the Americans escape and try to make their way back to their own lines to report the German surge. En route, they stumble across a German experimental site, still smoldering with flames from some devastating event. Surprisingly, this site is in Heidenfeld, Thuringia in Germany, although their own lines are hundreds of kilometers away in Belgium. They come across an American OSS agent suffering from horrific burn wounds, and learn that the Germans are close to development of a super-bomb which will enable them to turn the tide of war and achieve victory. The American agent, knowing that he is near death, asks the soldiers to complete his mission: to find the bomb, disable it, and extract the scientist developing it who wishes to defect. With their sergeant and other NCOs dead, the youngest of the soldiers (Chad Michael Collins) and a cook (Tom Sizemore) who had been demoted from Lieutenant after the D-Day landings lead them deep into Nazi territory. There, they are joined by an escaped British airman (Vinnie Jones) and Russian (Dimitri Diatchenko). Discovered and pursued, the Americans make a series of hair-breadth escapes from vastly superior numbers of well-armed Nazi soldiers and finally make contact with a woman (Melia Kreiling), their link to the bomb and to the scientist (Jürgen Prochnow).

Cast: Tom Sizemore, Chad Michael Collins, Vinnie Jones, Dimitri Diatchenko, Neal McDonough, Sam Spruell, Jürgen Prochnow,

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