Super 8 (2011)

In 1979, Deputy Sheriff Jack Lamb of Lillian, Ohio, and his 14-year-old son Joe, mourn the death of wife and mother Elizabeth, who was killed in a workplace accident. Jack blames Elizabeth’s co-worker, Louis Dainard, as she was covering his shift because he showed up to work drunk. All Joe has left is a locket that belonged to her.

Four months after Elizabeth’s funeral, as school lets out for the summer, Joe helps his best friend Charles Kaznyk to make a low-budget zombie movie for a film competition. Charles enlists the further help of fellow friends Preston Scott, Martin Read, and Cary McCarthy, as well as Dainard’s daughter, Alice. Though their fathers would be furious, Joe and Alice become close to each other.

Starring: Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Gabriel Basso, Noah Emmerich, Ron Eldard, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Caitriona Balfe, Zach Mills,

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