The Stolen Princess (2018)

The Stolen Princess (2018)
The Stolen Princess (2018)

Two sorcerers, Finn and Shernomore, have an intense magical duel in favor of saving Finn’s wife, Meena. Finn gains the upperhand at first, but is defeated by Shernomore who deceives him by stepping on a “force field”, and losing all of his powers and youthfullness, which then transfers to Shernomore and transforms Meena into a stone statue in exchange for her power of love as a source of his magic.

In the present day, Ruslan, a wandering artist dreaming to become a knight, is having a small play which he plays the role of Finn and Shernomore, and is written by an eccentric and an aspiring playwright, Lester. In the castle lived a adventurous and kind princess named Meelah. She considers the castle as a hindrance for his father and the King, is forcing her to get married despite she doesn’t love whoever he suggests. One night, she sneaks out and she was almost harrased by two men, until Ruslan arrives. He saves Meelah from the two and escape. When the two are alone, Ruslan, afraid of being judged by his status, disguises himself as a knight.

The next day, they share romantic moments as they develop their feelings for each other. Unfortunately, much to Ruslan’s surprise and horror, Meelah was kidnapped via a tornado by Shernomore, He tries to pursue Meelah, but fails to do so and knocks himself unconscious. When he gained consciousness, he is confronted by the King, who mistakenly accuses him of harming the princess. He tries to tell the truth, but none of them believed him. Realizing Shernomore is real, he consults Lester and they set off to the cave where a wise cat lives.

The two asks for help on where to find Meelah and reveals to them a magic vortex where they discover a magical place and gives them a pea pod as a “gift”. When they reached the cliff, a hamster suddenly steals the pod and they pursue it. But they realized that they are supposed to give it to him and unlocks a dinosaur-like bridge.

Meanwhile, at Shernomore’s castle, Meelah awakens at a bed and she tries to escape using a hat that makes the user invisible. Despite Shernomore casting a spell that makes all of the desserts there alive, she manages to defeat these and discovers the other ladies who are victims of Shernomore’s evil sorcery.

Oleksiy Zavgorodniy, Nadya Dorofeeva, Yevgen Malukha, Serhiy Prytula

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