Secret Obsession (2019)

On a rainy night, a woman (Song) flees down the street from an unknown pursuer. She is struck by a car, leaving her injured and unconscious. She wakes up in the hospital with short-term memory loss, recalling nothing about the incident or her life prior. A man by her bedside (Vogel) introduces himself as Russell Williams, her husband, and says that her name is Jennifer. To help her regain memories, he shows her photos of her life, telling her that her parents died in a fire two years ago, that she had quit her job, and that she rarely talks to her friends anymore.

Detective Frank Page (Haysbert), obsessed with his work after failing to find his own daughter’s kidnapper, investigates Jennifer’s accident, growing suspicious of Russell, who drives a truck similar to one seen in the vicinity where Jennifer was hit. After Jennifer is discharged, Russell takes her to their secluded home. Jennifer is haunted by brief flashes of memories from the rainy night of her accident. She becomes uneasy by Russell’s strange behavior and realizes that he has been locking her inside the house at night. She also notices that most of the photos in her home have been manipulated. Frank’s investigation leads him to Jennifer’s parents’ home, where he finds their rotting corpses. He learns from Jennifer’s former employer that “Russell” is actually a man named Ryan Gaerity, a temperamental worker fired over two months ago.

Starring: Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, Dennis Haysbert,

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