Tall Girl (2019)

The story chronicles the journey of Jodi, a tall girl who is 6 feet 1 inches (1.85 meters), overcoming her insecurities. Ever since childhood she received criticism from her friends who saw her as an outcast. Her parents are concerned for her. Only Dunkleman, a short boy who carries books in milk crate instead of a bag, admires her. However, Jodi believes she can only be with someone as tall as her. Her dream comes true when Stig, a tall Swedish exchange student, comes into her life. However, every girl at school wants to win him over. Jodi takes help from her older sister in order to impress Stig. Jodi and Stig share a kiss, however they both feel guilty afterwards since Stig is dating someone else, and promise to only be friends. Dunkleman’s parents are out of town so he throws a party. Stig tells Jodi he wants to be more than friends and asks her to be his date to both the party and Homecoming. Jodi asks him to attend her older sister’s paegant with her and he agrees, but later stands her up. At Dunkelman’s party, she confronts Stig and realizes he was never going to break up with his popular girlfriend for her, because he likes being popular too much.You may have invaded my mind and my body… but there’s one thing a person always keeps: his pride!” She leaves, the party, and only finds out the next day that at the party Stig reveals that he was only toying with Jodi and proceeds to mock her. Dunkleman defends Jodi and gets in a fight with Stig. This incident opens her eyes and instills confidence in Jodi, helping her to proudly overcome her insecurity. Stig then apologizes to her, but she turns him down and expresses her love towards Dunkleman. She asks Dunkleman why he carries a milk crate instead of a school bag. He says he’s been waiting for this moment. He stands on the milk crate in order to reach Jodi, then proceeds to kiss her.

Starring: Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck, Claire Dombrofski, Sabrina Carpenter, Paris Berelc, Luke Eisner, Clara Wilsey, Anjelika Washington, Rico Paris, Angela Kinsey, Steve Zahn,

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