The Room (2019)

Matt and Kate, a young couple, move to Westminster, Maryland having purchased a secluded manor. While renovating, they discover a large, steel door that leads to an empty room. After experiencing frequent electrical shortages, the couple call an electrician to learn that the wiring in the home is a large, tangled mass that runs along the walls and floorboards of the property. As the electrician drives off, he exclaims his surprise that the property finally sold considering the previous owners were murdered on site.

That evening, Matt finds himself unable to sleep and ends up drinking while researching the murder. He learns that the killer’s name is John Doe, and that he is still alive, in a psychiatric hospital. He stumbles into the room and drunkenly wishes for another bottle of alcohol, which the room promptly grants him. The next morning, Kate finds Matt in the room surrounded by many expensive paintings. He encourages her to wish for money- and she does, wishing for millions. Over the next several days, the couple quit their jobs and party in the room, which continuously grants their wishes and desires.

Starring: Olga Kurylenko, Kevin Janssens, Carole Weyers,

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