Fearless (2020)

Reid, who goes by the username “Fe@rLeSS_” is a teen video gamer who is an expert at the superhero action-adventure video game Planet Master. While battling in the second to last level of the video game, the video game protagonist Captain Lightspeed reveals he has three children, which he brought to the battle with him. In-game, Reid decides to drop them off at a daycare before he plays the final level of the game, where Lightspeed attaches an “interplanetary communicator” to one of the babies so the daycare workers can call Lightspeed in case of emergency. While in daycare, the antagonist Dr. Arcannis steals the babies and imprisons them on his spaceship in order to attempt to steal their superpowers so he can conquer Earth.

While in captivity, the babies accidentally use their powers to escape, and end up mistakenly walking into an escape pod and launching it towards Earth in the real world. The United States Armed Forces, headed by General Blazerhatch, detects the aircraft which entered American airspace. The escape pod ends up crashing in front of Reid’s home. Meanwhile, Melanie, Reid’s school partner, arrives at his house to complete a science project together. Melanie and Reid are both shocked to discover the babies who have entered the home, and after Melania and Reid debate on what to do, Reid convinces her the babies came from his video game, and they decide to take care of them. Meanwhile, Dr. Arcannis has tracked the location of the babies to Reid’s home, and the military brainstorms ideas on what to do.

Starring: Yara Shahidi, Miles Robbins, Jadakiss,