The Marksman (2021)

The Marksman (2021)

Former United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper and Vietnam War veteran Jim Hanson, losing his wife and drunkard lives along the Arizona-Mexico border, reporting attempted illegal crossings. One day, while on patrol, he encounters Rosa and her son Miguel, Mexican citizens on the run from the cartel.[5]

Hanson calls border patrol on them before he sees the cartel coming up. He ends the call and gets involved in a shootout with the cartel led by Mauricio. Hanson shoots and kills Mauricio’s brother; Rosa is fatally wounded by one of the cartel members. Before she passes, she gives Hanson a note that lists her family’s address in Chicago. Hanson reluctantly agrees to take Miguel to her family in Chicago.

Border patrol show up after her death and take in Miguel. One of the cartel members comes in and claims that he’s a relative of Miguel. Hanson happens to see their car there and sneaks Miguel out to go to Chicago.

The cartel use fake passports to get into America to follow Hanson and Miguel. A corrupt border patrol officer sees their gang tattoos, recognizes that the passports are fake, and allows them in anyway.

Starring: Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick, Juan Pablo Raba, Teresa Ruiz,

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