Scream VI (2023)

One year after the Woodsboro killings orchestrated by Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman,[a] Blackmore University professor Laura Crane is catfished by her student Jason Carvey, who lures her outside a bar in New York City and murders her while wearing a Ghostface costume. Jason plots with his roommate Greg to kill sisters Sam and Tara Carpenter to finish the “movie” that Richie and Amber wanted to make. However, Jason receives a call from a different Ghostface, who has killed Greg and subsequently stabs Jason to death.

Sam and Tara now live in New York City, with Tara attending Blackmore University with fellow survivors Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin, alongside their roommate Quinn Bailey, Mindy’s girlfriend Anika Kayoko, and Chad’s roommate Ethan Landry. Sam attends therapy with Dr. Stone and is ostracized in public because of an online conspiracy theory that she was the true mastermind of the latest killings. Quinn’s father, Detective Wayne Bailey, calls Sam in for questioning as her ID was found at the scene of Jason’s murder, along with a Ghostface mask worn in the previous year’s attacks. On the way to the station, Ghostface calls Sam from Richie’s phone, who then attacks Sam and Tara, kills multiple bystanders, and leaves behind another Ghostface mask worn in the 2011 Woodsboro killings.

Starring: Melissa Barrera, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Jack Champion, Henry Czerny, Mason Gooding, Liana Liberato, Dermot Mulroney, Devyn Nekoda, Jenna Ortega, Tony Revolori, Josh Segarra, Samara Weaving, Hayden Panettiere, Courteney Cox,

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