They Cloned Tyrone (2023)

Fontaine is a drug dealer in a retrofuturistic neighborhood called the Glen with odds against him and a schedule he keeps daily. His mother stays in her room all day and rarely speaks to Fontaine, and he still mourns the death of his younger brother. Slick Charles, one of Fontaine’s customers, initiates a fight with one of his many sex workers, Yo-Yo. Fontaine goes to confront Slick Charles who owes Fontaine money and encounters Yo-Yo on the way. Fontaine is able to get some of the money from Slick but is then fatally shot by an opposing drug dealer named Isaac as he leaves.

The next morning, Slick is shocked when Fontaine shows up for the money once again, somehow alive and without any recollections of the previous night’s events. The two find Yo-Yo to confirm Slick’s claims of his death, which confuses Fontaine. He remembers a man, bleeding from a gunshot, was kidnapped by a black SUV, which is now parked outside of a trap house. Fontaine goes inside the house to investigate with Slick and Yo-Yo. They discover an elevator leading to an underground lab. Inside, a white scientist with an afro tells them that the operation has gone widespread. Slick snorts a mysterious white substance he thinks is cocaine, but ends up laughing and accidentally killing the scientist after Yo-Yo causes a small explosion. Before they leave, the trio discovers a corpse lying on a table, identical to Fontaine.

Starring: John Boyega, Teyonah Parris, Jamie Foxx,

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