Aakhari Decision

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Aakhari Decision
Aakhari Decision

Arjun is an assassin trained never to miss. His body is trained to be a weapon and his mind guides his body with lethal precision.
Victor, a crime lord who specializes in contract killing, raised Arjun like a son. Things get complicated when Arjun, never allowed to have friends, meets Manasi.At the cross-roads of his life is where we find Arjun, torn between his loyalty to Victor and his love for Manasi. Is it possible for a man to change his destiny? Can he alter the course of his life?
Arjun is back from a complicated assignment in the United States. Still conflicted about his situation, he decides to choose Manasi over Victor.
The Dreaded Orion, a long back fugitive from India, has come back from Greece after 30 years.
To avenge the killing of his son by police Commissioner Shyam Singh, Orion finds Victor and gives him the contract. Victor promises Orion his best assassin and son, Arjun.
As Arjun pleads with Victor to let him leave this life Victor compels Arjun to take up this one last job.
Arjun’s life unfolds itself in a strange way. As Arjun absorbs the fact that he is to become a father he discovers that he is the one who has killed Commissioner Shyam Singh’s son. The realization of fatherhood with the knowledge of him ripping a son and father apart sends Arjun out of control.
Arjun has a decision to make. He’s had to make difficult decisions before but now has to make one that will alter the future of his life. He makes an Aakhari Decision

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