Bob Biswas (2021)

After being hit by a vehicle while being chased during the events of Kahaani, Bob Biswas has woken up from a coma after eight years and does not remember anything even his wife Mary Biswas and children Mini Biswas & Benny Biswas. Two officers from Kolkata Police, Jishu Narang and Kharaj Sahu are keeping an eye on Bob Biswas because unknown to Bob and his family, Bob is actually an assassin.

After recruiting Bob to be an exclusive assassin to work for them, they give Bob a flip phone on which photos of Bob’s targets will be shared. Meanwhile, Mini is addicted to a drug called Blue that is distributed by Bubai Da and his boss Ustaad. After Jishu Narang and Kharaj Sahu send Bob’s first target photo, Bob visits a homeopathy pharmacist Kali Da and receives a pistol disguised as Nux Vomica. Bob then kills his first target Bubai and two of his men. He then leaves for home and meets Mini on his way, who bought Blue from Bubai, a fact unknown to Bob. Bob’s second target is Ustaad’s investor Rahul who is an undercover police officer investigating Ustaad’s illegal activities. Police officer Indira Verma starts investigating the murders of Bubai and Rahul.

Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Chitrangada Singh, Samara Tijori

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