Chhorii (2021)

Chhorii (2021)

In the opening scene, a pregnant woman is chased in a sugarcane field and forced to cut her own womb. The scene cuts to the cityscape, where a woman, Sakshi, works in an NGO and lives with her husband Hemant. They both abscond to their driver’s village to hide for some days after Hemant is beaten and threatened by some people for not returning a loan he had borrowed for a business plan.

They reach the village through a sugarcane field and meet the driver’s wife Devi, a very orthodox woman. Hemant leaves to find a solution to their financial problems. Sakshi gradually finds a bond with Devi. She meets Rani, Rajbir’s (Devi’s eldest son) wife, the one who was chased in the first scene. Devi explains that Rani lost her child before the birth and in order to save her, her womb was cut.

Sakshi is teased by three children and grows curious about them. Devi warns her to stay away from them but Sakshi doesn’t listen. Devi, frustrated that Sakshi is not listening, threatens her. Things sour between her and Sakshi after this. A few days later, Hemant returns and Sakshi asks him to take her somewhere else in a fit of panic. That night, as they are leaving, the couple is attacked by Devi and a ritual is performed on Sakshi by devi and her husband. Devi takes her back to her room and ties her to the bed.

Starring: Nushrratt Bharuccha, Mita Vashisht, Pallavi Ajay

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