Darlings (2022)

Hamza Shaikh is an alcoholic who beats his wife Badrunissa “Badru” Shaikh (née Ansari) after drinking, every night for 3 years of their love marriage. Badru finds many ways to make him quit drinking, one of which is insisting Hamza have a child. Hamza is constantly in a tiff with the rest of the society members for a renovation of the chawl they reside in. Badru attends one of the meetings in which the final decision on the renovation of the building is to be taken. Badru attends the meeting, despite Hamza asking her not to, and is beaten up again. Zulfi, who does odd jobs around the chawl, often visits Badru and her mother Shamshunissa “Shamshu” Ansari. He is aware of the torture Badru suffers from each day. He files a complaint against Hamza for physical abuse. Hamza is arrested but promises Badru he will quit drinking once they have a child. Badru gets Hamza out of jail and suffers more abuse at the hands of Hamza, who doesn’t change. Hamza then finds out that his liver is cirrhosed and he needs to quit drinking or he’ll die. That evening, upon returning home, Hamza learns that Badru is pregnant with their child, and he pretends to quit drinking to keep his promise. In reality, he quit drinking due to cirrhosis and not because of Badru’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Hamza is hell-bent on knowing who filed the complaint against him. He eventually finds out that Zulfi did it and that Badru knew about it the whole time. Despite knowing that Badru is pregnant, Hamza still hits her, suspicious that Badru and Zulfi are having an affair. He is suspicious that the child borne by Badru is not his. Hamza beats Badru brutally and pushes her down a flight of stairs, which results in her suffering a miscarriage. On this day Hamza was not under the influence of any alcohol, this portrayed the real demon in him. After being hospitalized and losing her child, Badru vows to treat Hamza just the way he treated her.

Starring: Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma, Roshan Mathew,

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