Liger (2022)

After his father, Lion Balram Agarwal’s death, in the MMA National Championship, Sashwath Agarwal aka Liger and his mother Balamani move to Mumbai from Karimnagar. Balamani is determined to turn Liger into a MMA champion and takes him to a coach named Christopher, who trains him. While Liger is on his way to perfection in the sport, he meets a rich young woman, Tanya, and falls in love with her. After learning from her brother Sanju that Liger has a stammering problem, Tanya, apparently embarrassed, leaves him. Liger wins the national championship after getting motivated by the rejection. He moves on to participate in the International Championship, sponsored by Sanju and Tanya’s father.

Liger wins every match and moves on to the finals. However, Tanya is kidnapped days before the finals. Upon getting to know of this, Liger confronts Tanya’s father. He reveals that he borrowed money from a gangster to set up his business, and remains helpless, as he could not repay the money back to him. After her father reveals that Tanya broke up with Liger so he could focus on his sport and career after his mother chastised her for being a distraction, Liger decides to save Tanya by himself, which ultimately causes him to miss the final match. He stumbles upon the kidnapper, who happens to be Mark Anderson, his lifelong role model and legendary MMA fighter.

Anderson challenges him to a fight to get Tanya back. The fight is live streamed at the MMA final. When Liger is on the verge of losing, he remembers the advice that his mother gave him and defeats Anderson. Impressed by his skills, Anderson takes a picture with Liger and Tanya, and lets them go. As a result of the successful fight, the MMA jury declares the fight between Anderson and Liger as the final match. Liger becomes a MMA World Champion.

Starring: Vijay Deverakonda, Mike Tyson, Ananya Panday, Ramya Krishna, Ronit Roy,

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