Nikamma (2022)

Adi is an unemployed youth with a eidetic memory, having issues with his elder brother Raman as he dotes on Avni, Raman’s wife (Adi’s sister-in-law) and a RTO officer. For this, he left home fifteen months ago and since staying with his paternal uncle. Raman soon summons Adi and tells him to accompany Avni, who is transferred to Dhamli for two months as Raman is transferred to Bangalore. Avni compels Adi to do all the household chores, much to his annoyance. Adi tries to appoint a maid for house chores but Avni denies. She tries to pursue Adi to become a software engineer, but to no avail. One day, Adi bumps into Natasha aka Nikki, who instantly proposes to Adi. Adi is taken aback and falls for Nikki. Soon, it is revealed that Nikki is Avni’s cousin and comes to live with her. Adi later finds out Nikki’s real identity and also she had been seeing Adi since Avni and Raman’s wedding. Avni learns about Adi and Nikki’s love towards each other and sends Nikki home. Adi soon gets frustrated and wants to go back with his uncle when he comes to visit. But soon learns from him that, it was Raman’s decision to send him away from home not Avni’s as Raman wanted him to become more responsible. Avni made him do all the chores and chopping for cooking to make him realise the essence of hardwork. Moreover, She sent Nikki home as she is planning to send a marriage proposal to her family for Adi. For this, she wanted Adi to take a decent job and even decided to sell her land to buy a house for Adi. She still didn’t take child as she considers Adi as her elder child and wishes to see him settle down first.

Starring: Abhimanyu Dassani, Shirley Setia, Shilpa Shetty,Samir Soni, Abhimanyu Singh

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