Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Sasha and Marcus are two childhood friends who grow up next door to each other in San Francisco. As Sasha’s parents regularly leave her home alone while they tend to their store, Marcus’ parents often have her over for dinner, where she greatly enjoys his mother’s home cooking. Eventually Sasha and Marcus form a close friendship that carries on into their teenage years, but this is broken when Sasha sleeps with Marcus to try and comfort him after his mother dies in an accident. A wedge is driven between the two when they argue shortly afterwards and they eventually drift apart.

Years later, Sasha is a celebrity chef living in Los Angeles who is engaged to Brandon Choi, a successful businessman. Marcus is still in San Francisco living with his widowed father and performs in a talented but largely unsuccessful band that only plays in his neighborhood. He also has a girlfriend Jenny, an Asian American with dreadlocks. Sasha breaks up with Brandon after he delays their wedding yet again. Briefly moving back to the Bay Area to oversee the opening of a new restaurant, she bumps into Marcus when he and his father are hired to install air conditioning at her temporary home. Despite initial friction, they quickly reconnect and become friends again. They have a disastrous double date with Marcus’ girlfriend and actor Keanu Reeves, to whom Sasha says she has always had a crush on Marcus, and Jenny ends up staying with Keanu for the night. Sasha and Marcus then begin seeing each other. Yet when Sasha asks Marcus to leave San Francisco and follow her to New York to open another restaurant, he steadfastly refuses. She leaves San Francisco alone.

After hearing insight from his father and his bandmates, Marcus realizes that his mother’s death has made him scared to move on in life. He then moves out of his childhood home and takes steps to make his band more successful. Discovering that Sasha is secretly supporting his musical ambitions, Marcus surprises Sasha on the red carpet at an awards show in Manhattan, pledging to be wherever she is. Sasha opens her New York restaurant, which is named after and pays tribute to Marcus’ late mother, while Marcus writes a rap song about punching Keanu Reeves.

Starring: Ali Wong, Randall Park

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