Wounds (2019)

Will is a New Orleans-based bartender who works at a run-down, cockroach-infested bar. One evening, as he chats with his regulars; Alicia, her boyfriend Jeffrey, a drunk Eric, and a group of college kids enter the bar. Eric gets into a fight with another guest, resulting in Eric being stabbed in the cheek with a broken bottle. The kids are in panic, leave the bar and Will discovers one of them has left their phone behind. Will returns to his house, which he shares with his student girlfriend Carrie. While inspecting the phone, he receives messages from someone called Garrett, who claims that he is scared and something from the “tunnel” is following him. Will manages to unlock the phone and messages from ‘Garrett’ to stop the messages.

The next morning, Will awakens to discover that overnight, Garrett has sent the phone a photo that shows a pile of bloody teeth. Carrie is disgusted and insists they call the police, which Will promises he will do. Will drops Carrie off at school, where he suspects her professor is sleeping with her. Will then visits Eric, whose wound has quickly gotten infected, and is claiming that he is suffering from intense nightmares. Will spots some sort of inhuman flesh in Eric’s wound. After that Will visits Alicia and it is revealed that Will has a crush on her and intense envy of Jeffrey. Returning home, Will doesn’t notice one of the college kids following him around to town. He inspects the phone again and discovers photos and videos of a corpse and a decapitated head being surrounded by cockroaches. The head then moves by itself before a hand emerges from inside a wound in the skull. Carrie also sees the footage and forces Will to hand it over to the police and she discovers a book in one of the photos entitled “The Translation of Wounds”. They call Garrett and hear an inhuman screeching on the other end.

Starring: Armie Hammer, Dakota Johnson, Zazie Beetz, Karl Glusman, Brad William Henke

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