Bloody Daddy (2023)

Sumair Azad is an NCB officer, who along with his deputy Jagadish Prasad alias Jaggi in Gurugram bust down a drug deal, leading the drug lord Sikandar to kidnap Sumair’s son Atharva in exchange for retrieving the bag of cocaine. With no other option left, Sumair agrees to retrieve the bag from the NCB headquarters, and bring it to his club for the exchange. Sumair’s act of hiding the bag in the men’s toilet is noticed by his assistant Aditi Rawat, who becomes suspicious. Thinking that Sumair is involved in drug smuggling, Aditi informs her superior Sameer Singh and begin to pursue Sumair, taking away the bag of cocaine from the toilet in the process.

Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Ronit Roy, Rajeev Khandelwal, Sanjay Kapoor, Diana Penty,

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