1920 Horrors of the Heart (2023)

On the night of her father’s death, Meghna stumbles upon his personal diary, which uncovers Radhika, her mother’s scandalous past of liaisons with Britishers for monetary gains and fame. She learns that her mother had once poisoned her father in an attempt to kill him, but he miraculously survived. Unable to endure her deeds, Meghna’s mother abandoned her family, eventually marrying a wealthy man, Shantanu. Stricken by the revelation, Meghna turns to her father’s grave, where she communicates with his spirit. Under her father’s guidance, Meghna went to her mother’s opulent home, setting off a series of eerie events.

Meghna forms a bond with Aditi, despite her father’s caution not to let affection distract her from her mission. Simultaneously, Meghna’s boyfriend becomes aware of her destructive intentions towards her mother and warns her against her path. His defiance results in his death at the hands of Meghna’s father’s spirit.

In an unexpected turn of events, Arjun, Meghna’s boyfriend (who was not truly dead but was a tantric practitioner helping Meghna’s father through black magic) presents her with an earthen pot (kalasa in Hindi) filled with ash. After sprinkling the ashes under Aditi’s pillow, Aditi becomes possessed, performing inexplicable actions that terrify the household. Despite suggestions from the housekeeper to expel Meghna, Radhika and Shantanu decide to keep her.

Starring: Avika Gor, Rahul Dev, Barkha Bisht, Danish Pandor,

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