Big Dhamaka (2023)

Jayan Pakshitap alias J. P., a business magnate and head of “J. P. Orbit”, is known for taking over companies in a ruthless manner. He sets his sights on Nanda Gopal Chakravarthy’s “People Mart” and decides to present it as a birthday gift to his son, Atharva Pakshitap. However, J. P. faces problems from Nanda Gopal’s son Anand Chakravarthy, who is also the company’s upcoming CEO. He decides to overthrow him and acquire the company. Swami is a street-smart unemployed man and a doppelganger of Anand, who lives with his family consisting of his father Vasudeva Rao, mother Yashoda, and younger sister Subbu. He tries to find work unsuccessfully and constantly is burdened by Subbu’s impending wedding. Pranavi is Subbu’s friend, who meets Swami while planning for Subbu’s wedding, where they get attracted to each other.

Starring: Ravi Teja, Jayaram, Sree Leela,